About our company

Founded in 2013 as a spin-off from ULB University in Brussels, Belgium, we're a bunch of technology minds focusing on the best aspects of non-intrusive energy monitoring: how can we offer the best value to consumers without bothering them with monitoring plugs or other expensive hardware?

  • We apply a collaborative approach whereby our clients serve end-consumers in both the residential and multi-site enterprise markets (speaking in acronyms: we go for B2B2B and B2B2C). 
  • We integrate our technology focus in service-oriented delivery mechanisms: measuring for the sake of it, is not what keeps us going. Achieving actual cost and energy savings is!
  • We combine continued research into non-intrusive appliance load monitoring with the use of existing methods and devices to obtain insights in consumption and to develop practical guidance for further savings' actions.

Sounds good? We think so too.

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What we believe in:

  • Quality products: when you measure, measure right; when you show consumption data, show something users understand.
  • Incredible service: our future depends on the continued use of our data streams, we want to know what make that you will continue using our services and then we ensure we comply.
  • Innovative ideas: so we have what we have and we love you using it, but we want to make sure that you will continue recognizing us as a top provider of energy consumption analytics. Tell us about your challenges to trigger us to develop new products and services.