Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to change my electrical system using You Know Watt’s approach?

No changes to your electrical system are required. A You Know Watt sensor (or a compatible third party sensor) needs to be installed and this is done using clamps that are placed around the existing electrical wiring. Measurement data, collected by the sensor, are routed online of offline to You Know Watt’s servers using a filter. For online routing, the You Know Watt Filter is connected to the site’s Internet connection.

For which market segment is the You Know Watt technology intended?

Our technology can be applied in both residential and commercial environments; and is ideal for recognizing electrical devices that are switched on-and-off frequently, either at the same site or at comparable sites. To increase the accuracy of our approach, we hence concentrate on:

  • Multi-site companies where similar electrical devices and machines at one outlet are also used in other outlets;
  • Residential environments where, because of the number of connected sites, the recognition of appliances improves as more sites are involved.

The hardware used for these segments may then be different; our analytical approach behind it remains the same, as does the focus on combining metering results with actual business cases for energy-efficiency.

Does You Know Watt replace existing energy services providers?

You Know Watt’s approach is geared towards developing a collaborative approach and assisting energy services providers in offering new or better energy efficiency services to their customers.

  • If you are a residential energy consumer and you would like to use our technology, then talk to us. Together with you we will determine who is best suited to offer you the required services.
  • If you are a company and you would like to make use of our services while continuing with your existing energy service providers, met us know and we will get in touch with them. If you don’t have an (appropriate) energy service provider then, together with you, we will determine the best way to make use of our approach.

In what way does You Know Watt give me more information than a smart meter?

You Know Watt provides far more detailed information than smart meters and gives energy services providers more than just numbers. Consumption profiles on seconds-basis are possible, the identification of base load, specific appliances and generic electrical components is given, and services co-development is part of our approach to ensure consumption-related information leads to real interaction with clients and effective energy reduction.


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