Our markets \ Energy Retailers

Ever-increasing competition between the energy retailers is calling for new ways to engage customers.  The market is moving from a yearly transaction based model to enriched customer relationships, where customer segmentation and intimacy will be the tools of those who excel in the future energy market.  This transformation is calling for new ways of understanding and serving your customers.  You Know Watt enables this shift thanks to the insights we provide into your customers’ consumption and the levers we offer for reaching out to them.

You Know Watt provides the tools and services required to get a deeper understanding of your customers and to target them with the services they expect:

  • Define individual and group segments using consumption- and event-based customer behavior analysis;
  • Improve your customer satisfaction by bringing them relevant consumption information and anticipating their demands;
  • Pave the way for smart billing approaches;
  • Engage your customers through relevant marketing initiatives, tailored in accordance with specific customer segments;
  • Attract new customers, using targeted actions based on an in-depth understanding of your existing customer base.