What we do \ Non-Intrusive Appliance Load Monitoring (NILM / NIALM)

You Know Watt has developed unique capabilities to disaggregate the electrical consumption and to combine this with other metering inputs, like gas and water consumption. 

Our disaggregation algorithms enable you to identify what electrical components are causing a particular consumption and – behind those components – what electrical appliances are used when and how. These capabilities go far beyond the analytics that is possible using, for example, smart meter data.

Disaggregation is possible using particular measurements. These can be obtained using You-Know-Watt-compliant hardware. If you’re a developer / manufacturer of such hardware, then we’re happy to license you our metering approach.

Both for residential and multi-site companies we offer advanced energy monitoring sets based on our disaggregation technology. Sets consist of:

  • ECA Sensor: a high frequency meter for advanced monitoring;
  • ECA Filter: a smart gateway;
  • FLM Energy Logger: a residential/small company solution integrating a meter and a gateway;
  • ECA User Interface or APIs to link to your monitoring software